Wedding Speeches!



We just love sharing our tips and advice, so let’s have a quick chat about the wedding speeches…

Our couples always ask about when they are MEANT to do the speeches and who should give a speech, and our response is always – It’s up to you! It’s your day!!

Traditionally your speeches would include The Father of the Bride, The Groom and then the Best Man, so this is a good place to start.  However, this is not a hard and fast rule, if you want to mix it up then do so! If the Bride wants to say a few words, then why not? If the FOB is having a nervous breakdown months before the wedding just about the thought of giving his speech, then let him know all he has to do is say a few words (or nothing at all) and have someone else speak on behalf of the Bride’s family.  Why put someone through all the stress for the sake of “tradition”?

Public speaking is stressful for most people, and especially under the pressure of a wedding audience 😮 Our advice – check those you want to speak are happy to do so, without putting pressure on them.  Once this is decided ask those giving the speeches when they would prefer to do it because, ultimately, the happier and more comfortable they are, then the better the speeches will be!

Now, when do you do the speeches?? There are several pros and cons of having the speeches both before and after your meal.  Here is some food for thought…

Pros Before The Meal:

  • It gets them over and done with and those talking can then relax and enjoy the rest of their day and the meal
  • Everyone will be in the room and you won’t of lost any guests
  • *Hopefully* those giving the speeches will still be sober and so will the audience (reducing heckling)
  • Likeliness of a more serious feel
  • Your photographer and videographer will definitely still be there (some charge extra to stay until after the meal – check your package and timings with them)

Pros After The Meal:

  • Everyone will be more relaxed
  • Guests won’t get grumpy. Remember you have all been out and about for 6 plus hours by this point in your day, so people will be hungry.  Speeches after mean everyone has been fed and will be far happier and more attentive
  • It doesn’t matter as much if the speeches run over time (which they will) as it won’t effect your food service (Chef’s will always do there upmost to ensure your food is perfect, but if you’re speeches are half an hour longer than expected there are no promises!)

A Few Other Things to Consider…

Presents – are you giving flowers to the mothers for example? Ensure you give the job of knowing where they are and when to present them to a member of the bridal party, guest or member of staff at the venue.

Timings – As a rough guide speeches should last a maximum 30 minutes.  Allocate 10 minutes to each person if you are having 3 (less if you are having more speakers).  And make sure they practise and time the speech beforehand.

When thinking about your speeches please remember to put yourself in the position of the speech-givers (it’s a tough gig!), and more importantly do what you want to do, not what you feel you should do!

It’s Your Day! It’s All About You!  Cheers!




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