Banish the Event Day Stress!

I get asked all the time – Is event management not stressful?  How do you deal with the stress of running an event on the day and when things go wrong?

Well!! I’ll tell you… I don’t get “stressed”!  I feel a buzz, it’s exciting, it’s busy and there’s always things changing,  BUT ultimately if you have the right mindset and you’ve done all the preparation for an event then there should be no reason to get stressed.

I have worked with so many different people in the events and hospitality industry over the past 15 years and learned positive tips and tricks, but also definitely learned how not to do it and this is so important. The crucial thing I have learned is you need to know how to ‘wing it’! No matter how much you plan and prepare, an event will never run 100% to that plan, it’s just the way it is.  This is why I think people do get stressed as the second something doesn’t ‘go to plan’ they panic, they start trying to blame someone, they get in a flap…but being a good event manager means seeing a problem (usually pre-empting the problem), dealing with it, making a change or finding a solution then moving on.  Of course after the event you must go back and look at why something did go wrong and put measures in place so it doesn’t happen next time and learn from it, but during the event is not the time. Getting stressed out or panicking never has a positive outcome for you, your client or the event.

The old saying “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” by Benjamin Franklin really does apply to Events and Hospitality.  If you do all the planning, look at what might go wrong, always have a plan B and be ready to change and adapt then you will produce a stress-free event.

This is why we offer both options from full Event Co-ordination to just On-the-day Event Management.  Running an event isn’t for everyone, so next time you are planning an event, but stressing out about running it on the day why not consider hiring an event manger to do it for you?


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